Quality Engineering
Our agile approach to Quality Engineering ensures optimal software performance, quality, and usability.

Transforming mobile device QA to greatly improve customer experience


One of the world’s largest home improvement retailers was deploying mobile devices to all store associates to assist them with customer service functions. Deadlines for rolling out and maintaining the mobile apps were being impacted by very slow manual testing.


Celsior provided a Mobile Test Automation solution running on real devices, not simulators, coupled with a complete engagement team spanning Project Managers, QA Test Automation Analysts, and Automation Test Developers to deliver the end-to-end QA outcome.

Value Delivered

We reduced testing cycle from 2+ weeks to only 7 hours. Approximately 40,000 mobile devices were rolled out with 30+ applications per device. We improved customer service and significantly cut development costs.

Major areas where we can elevate your business

A great place to start in improving quality results is with a QE Assessment & Maturity Roadmap or with QE Strategy consulting. Celsior can help you in determining strengths and weaknesses of your current QE and testing environment and provide a detailed plan of how to evolve it to drive the quality you need. Quality is critical in improving operational efficiency, employee engagement, and customer experience--all leading to higher revenue and profitability.

Automation and AI can greatly cut testing costs and speed regression testing. Celsior was a pioneer in QE automation and can guide you, based on your requirements, to the appropriate set of proprietary and open-source tools to meet your automation needs. This, of course, encompasses all aspects including test management, test automation, web services testing, mobile automation, and security testing.

Testing automation, for all of its many benefits, does not always ensure the visual quality of user interfaces or the performance of applications. For example, Celsior can assist with tools and processes to catch issues like white font on white background, text and images off the edge of certain device form factors, multi-lingual interface issues, etc. From a performance standpoint, Celsior can help ensure users continue to have a great experience as the number of users significantly increases.

Quality should not simply be a matter of bug-free code, but also of the data used for operations and business decisions. From this standpoint, Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) data quality is a critical function. Celsior has a full ETL Automation Solution Architecture incorporating Continuous Integration to help ensure the data quality you need to enable efficient operations and superior business decisions.

QE should not stop with the development and testing process; it should also include deployment and operations. A complete DevOps process, not just CI/CD, can greatly improve an IT organization’s ability to produce high-quality software cheaper and faster. Celsior can assist you in setting up Agile/DevOps processes and can extend this into related areas like SecDevOps and site reliability engineering.


Elevate your overall success