How Celsior is helping companies in this industry to transform

Celsior's insurance IT solutions are backed by FLMI-certified people, capabilities, and partnerships (with consultants like Novarica and vendors like Guidewire) to assist your business success.

Minimizing TCO and Increasing Agility – Celsior has very attractively priced application support, QA & testing, and managed infrastructure to help you cut your CPP. Of course, cloud is not just about cost, but it also gives you rapid elasticity and a platform to more easily support analytic and automations solutions.

Omni-channel Customer Experience Management – Whether you’re trying to improve your customers’ underwriting experience or to help them in accessing account information around the clock, Celsior can help you provide integrated, seamless CX encompassing web, mobile, AI-based virtual agents, etc. through our Customer (and Agent) portal solutions and our custom application development.

Data insights – To fully leverage your customer behavior data, Celsior can help you build high-quality data stores using both internal and external data and then use visualization and predictive analytics to get you the insights you need for churn prediction, underwriting, and new product development.

Cybersecurity – In a world of identity and data theft compounded by shortages of high-quality cybersecurity professionals, Celsior can help you with virtual CISOs and subject matter experts. We can also quickly deploy a cloud-based, Zero-Trust environment that can protect you in the perimeter-less world where most of your data resides in the cloud and many of your users access your systems outside of the office.