How Celsior is helping companies in this industry to transform

Celsior manufacturing IT solutions are focused on mitigating industry disruptions. Our innovative solutions and multifaceted approaches help you stay ahead in Industry 4.0.

Supply chain automation – To help you deal with supply chain disruption, Celsior can automate processes between you and your suppliers, distributors, and partners with application modernization and cloud architectures. Obviously cloud data stores with multiple supply chain entities accessing them are not well aligned with old perimeter-based security models. Accordingly, Celsior can assist you in quickly deploying a zero-trust Network-as-a-Service that not only better secures the new world of public clouds and mobile devices, but also significantly cuts your costs.

AI, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning- To leverage much of the value of IIoT, it is important to feed the large amounts of data produced into data lakes and to use AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning on the data store. This data can be used to develop better forecasts and to improve response to supply chain disruptions. Furthermore, this environment can also drive monetization of data. Celsior has a full set of services to assist you in defining a Data & Insights strategy, to operationally transform your data into information, and then to use data visualization, machine learning, and advanced scalable analytic to models to help you drive actions and business value.

Omni-channel customer engagement - To help B2B manufacturers to provide a consumer-grade buying experience, omni-channel customer engagement is critical. This entails supporting any channel the buyer chooses: voice, email, text, chat, virtual agent (AI), social media, video, and more. But it’s not just choice of channel that customers expect—it’s consistent, seamless communications across those channels. Celsior can help you in setting up this environment, provide the CX solution, and help you manage it. We can also assist you with the underlying networking and security to support the solution.