Banking And
How Celsior is helping companies in this industry to transform

We can provide quality AppDev services for app modernization and systems integration with Open Finance API’s. Our banking IT solutions can also help you to maximize the value of your data with predictive analytics and machine learning.

From a CX perspective, we provide omni-channel contact center services that offer the consistent, seamless communications across channels, both digital and personal, that consumers so strongly desire. If you have seasonal variations in contact center usage, we can even provide temporary call center agents to provide the help you and your customers need.

From an EX perspective, we can improve the quality of your hybrid workplace through unified communications and collaboration solutions and provide cost-effective, fast-deployed Networking-as-a-Service that can cost-effectively give your customers the quality voice communications that they expect. We can also automate tedious, mundane operations through RPA, OCR, and other technologies. Through this automation, we can actually free up employees for the personal interactions with customers that delight the customers and make the employees’ jobs more gratifying.

Finally, we recognize that it’s not just where you want to go, but where you are today that matters. We can help you cut costs by managing and supporting your legacy data centers, systems, and applications so you can redirect resources to where you want to go!