What do they do?

AppliTools is an AI-based test automation suite that is particularly strong in visual testing and compatibility testing. AppliTools can intelligently determine if differences in the look-and-feel of web and mobile pages, from release to release, affect the usability of the application.​ It also is particularly good at significantly speeding up compatibility testing. It does this by running snapshot jobs in parallel by farming them out to a grid of thousands of browsers in the cloud to generate snapshots of web pages for all the different combinations of browser types, viewport sizes, and devices.​

How Celsior Adds Value

Celsior complements AppliTools with the human experience of being a pioneer in the QA & Testing field with the long years of experience to solve the hard QA challenges. We can help you deal with QA issues that aren’t easily solved by an out-of-the-box tool. Furthermore, Celsior brings long-term relationships with senior QA people to our clients to help ensure their long-term success.

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