What do they do?

Mobile Labs, recently acquired by mobile experience vendor, Kobiton is a leader in the automation of mobile application testing. With a cloud-based architecture, Mobile Labs can provide “instant on” Appium test automation to deal with the challenge of the very large number of form factors and device types involved in mobile app testing.

How Celsior Adds Value

Ten years ago, Celsior needed to provide mobile app testing for a Fortune 50 company, but automation solutions for mobile app testing were practically non-existent—so we created a solution! With a very aggressive schedule, we executed 48,000 test scripts for the project with automation saving an estimated $9 Million vs. manual testing.​ As a service provider, we realized that our solution would need on-going investments—so we spun it off into what became Mobile Labs. Thus, we have a very strong relationship with Kobiton/Mobile Labs and continue to use our expertise in the toolset to delight our joint customers.

Business Outcomes We Achieve

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