What do they do?

With over 400,000 customers, Ring Central provides award-winning cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for businesses. The solution uses omni-channel capabilities to let users or customers choose their preferred means of communication at any time including voice, email, text, chat, virtual agent, social media, video, and more. The solution is intended for both internal company communications and external contact center functions.

How Celsior Adds Value

From an infrastructure standpoint, Celsior offers professional and managed networking services to ensure high quality voice and video and to minimize dropped calls. We also can integrate Ring Central’s 5x9’s availability with Microsoft Teams. Of course, we can provide Teams deployment and management services, but also user adoption services to help agents get the full value out of Teams and Ring Central. From a personnel standpoint, Celsior can provide flexible and quick staffing of contact center agent positions, if you need it for seasonal or other short-term needs.

Business Outcomes We Achieve

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