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Moving databases to Azure and modernizing business intelligence environment


Medical testing company needed to deal with huge growth due to Covid testing and to improve business intelligence (BI) usability and performance.


Celsior migrated their mission critical applications to Azure SQL and modernized numerous BI dashboards by moving them to Microsoft Power BI.

Value Delivered

Infrastructure costs for the mission critical applications were cut by 40% and availability was improved. BI performance was increased by 60%, and report development effort was reduced by 40%.

Major areas where we can elevate your business

Design and build the the data extract, transformation, and loading processes. We can help you identity and standardize data formats across systems, join the associated data, and deploy/manage high-quality data management and integration processes. We can also help you develop data quality practices and processes.

Meet the increasing demands for dashboards, reports, and business intelligence (BI)/visualization systems. We can help you identify appropriate tools and accelerate self-service capabilities. We can also help you consolidate and standardize legacy reporting and dashboards to reduce licensing and maintenance costs.

Develop solutions that raise early warnings and alerts in areas like churn and fraud analysis to accelerate decision making and drive profitability. We can help you with advanced analytics development services, data quality governance, and delivery models to fill skill and capacity gaps.

Develop competitive advantage, reduce costs, and improve customer experience through innovative use of AI and Machine Learning (ML). We can help you find and retain expertise through fast access to innovative resource engines and a do-it-together success model that keeps you in control with strong knowledge sharing and transfer.


Elevate your overall success