Data and Insights
We turn your data into valuable insights and actionable decisions, empowering you to shape a winning data-driven culture.

Moving databases to Azure and modernizing business intelligence environment


Medical testing company needed to deal with huge growth due to Covid testing and to improve business intelligence (BI) usability and performance.


Celsior migrated their mission critical applications to Azure SQL and modernized numerous BI dashboards by moving them to Microsoft Power BI.

Value Delivered

Infrastructure costs for the mission critical applications were cut by 40% and availability was improved. BI performance was increased by 60%, and report development effort was reduced by 40%.

Major areas where we can elevate your business

Develop a modern Data & Insights strategy and roadmap. Celsior brings the knowledge to build them and a budgetary plan for prioritized initiatives. We also recommend a data health accelerator to assess the quality, availability, and usage of your data and how to modernize it. Among other services, we can assist you with a data visualization workshop to guide you in driving better business decisions and uncovering potential cost savings.

Transform, integrate, and organize data. Data validation rules are applied for ensuring the quality of the data, thus enabling better, faster decisions and improved UX. Celsior has strong experience in transforming data to the information you need.

Discover, organize, and analyze information to generate actionable insights that can cut costs and drive competitive advantage. Celsior can help you with development or modernization of visualization, reporting, self-service BI, dashboards, AI/ML models, predictive/prescriptive model management, etc.


Elevate your overall success