Leading money transfer & payments firm rolls out digital payment supply chain

Case Study


A major money transfer and payment services company, similar to Western Union, allowed people to transfer money to others in nearly 20 countries. It also allowed people to pay a bill for someone, such as a phone bill or natural gas bill. In the past, in order to transfer money, customers had to go into one of the company’s brick-and-mortar outlets and work with a human agent to initiate the money transfer or pay the bill. The company recognized that they needed to open up to mobile and online transactions with appropriate digital security, so they engaged Celsior Technologies.


As an “app modernization” project, Celsior built both web and mobile application interfaces, as well as the microservices-based middleware. The middleware acts as a bridge between the open internet and the core services leveraging .NET technologies, Incapsula, Kubernetes, and Docker. We implemented the solution as a resilient, load balanced, geographically distributed system to take on the load of a growing customer base. The microservices application was implemented with 14 different modules that were deployed in separate containers, all orchestrated by Kubernetes.



Luckily the project was finished about the same time that Covid hit so the timing was great. End customers are now able to transact online, safely and securely. It provides savings to existing franchises as service agents no longer need to be involved in transactions. And most importantly, it’s allowing the company to grow market share and expand digitally across the U.S. market.

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