Intelligent Automation
We enable you to radically improve efficiency, speed, and quality by optimizing business process execution.

Revolutionizing Check Processing and Loan Applications with RPA


A leading U.S. bank faced high labor costs and error rates due to manual processing of checks and loan applications, exacerbated by inconsistent monthly volume spikes.


Celsior deployed a robust RPA automation solution integrating OCR and UIPath, BluePrism, and VDI technologies, streamlining data extraction, validation, and storage processes.

Value Delivered

Dramatic reduction in processing time from one day to one hour per 100 checks, elimination of manual errors, and significant cost savings, enabling 24/7 operational capability and enhanced service delivery.

Major areas where we can elevate your business

Our approach with Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) blends AI and robotic process automation to streamline complex tasks. By automating functions that require cognitive skills, we boost efficiency, reduce errors, and allow your team to focus on higher-value activities. We use advanced machine learning and natural language processing to continually refine and optimize processes.

Enhance efficiency with strategic AI, robotic process automation, and technical advancements. Our smart document processing delivers rapid, error-free, and cost-effective solutions. We use optical character recognition for text extraction, machine learning for document layout understanding, and robotic process automation for full-scale automation.

Enhance decision-making with strategies that integrate predictive analytics, robotic process automation, and AI insights. We optimize resource allocation and enable proactive, accurate decisions through machine learning, automated RPA responses, and real-time data analysis.


Elevate your overall success