We help unlock the power of data by building the infrastructure and processes to collect, clean, organize, and store information. This empowers organizations to gain valuable insights, improve decision-making, and optimize operations – all from a single, reliable source of truth.​

Streamlining Data Management for Enhanced Decision Making at Fidelity & Guaranty Life


Fidelity & Guaranty Life faced significant challenges in managing an outdated and inefficient data storage system, which impacted their ability to effectively utilize over 700,000 policyholder records for business insights.


Celsior collaborated with Fidelity & Guaranty Life to design and implement a centralized enterprise data store, integrating diverse data sources and sophisticated data cleaning tools to provide clean, actionable intelligence.

Value Delivered

The newly established enterprise data store has significantly improved data accessibility and quality, enabling FGL to make more informed business decisions, streamline operations, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Major areas where we can elevate your business

We can set up the processes for automated data ingestion from multiple sources, clean up and standardization of the data, and loading of the data into a data warehouse or data lake (such as Snowflake). Data Integration includes, but is not limited to, Extract-Transform-Load (ETL).

We offer a Data Validation framework to test the accuracy and quality of data through QE processes and to support the fast-paced environment of DevOps.

We can help companies set up real-time data ingestion to allow immediate analysis of new data.

We can develop on-premises and cloud-based data warehouse as a historical and current data store to enable decision making.

We can also develop a data lake to store all types of structured and unstructured data in rationalized or unrationalized format in support of sophisticated data analytics and machine learning.


Elevate your overall success