Demand a services engagement model where you are in control

Wow, I think we can all agree that the past year has been a whirlwind!

Celsior, like many, had to be more focused than ever. Our current environment has forced us to put our growth mindset ears to the ground and be more intentional than ever with respect to how we work with our clients. This meant really leaning in with a do-it-together approach. Together with our clients, we’ve shared more virtual and in-person whiteboard sessions than ever.

It was the year of more listening and learning, and less bravado. A year of enhanced collaboration and better results!

So much so, that it just made sense to pivot our company’s positioning even more toward a do-it-together approach.

Here’s why.

With everything coming at them, IT leaders are struggling to maintain control, manage risk, and meet commitments. They are struggling to solve for today, much less stay on plan for tomorrow. If you feel this way, you are not alone.

The solution isn’t easy.  Many companies that are trying to deliver innovation on their own, are struggling to find or retain top talent that can get the job done appropriately. IT leaders who are outsourcing to global system integrators are slowly losing control by not getting the knowledge transfer to sustain new technology initiatives going forward. Does this sound like a recipe for success?

As you move forward in 2023, consider demanding a services engagement model that ensures you are in control. Make sure that your team’s experience and innovation are not taken for granted, and that your approach is sustainable and prevents vendor lock-in.

Sure, if you use a services provider, you will benefit from coaching, domain expertise, new ideas, and flexible delivery models.  But do ensure knowledge transfer and keep your innovation sustainability top of mind.

Do you agree?

What approaches are you considering to accelerate innovation while maintaining control, reducing risk, and breaking through your headwinds? Let us know!


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