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Transform your operations by embracing the latest in cloud computing. Enjoy the scalability, cost-savings, and improved functionality with Celsior Technologies by your side.

Migrating multi-system environment to managed cloud


A healthcare diagnostic company needed a more scalable (up and down) environment for application development and testing operations.


Celsior created the Azure configurations, performed the multi-system migration and took over management of the environment through a 5-year managed services partnership.

Value Delivered

Operations "run" costs were cut by 55%, provisioning times were cut from days/weeks to hours, and the company's IT staff were freed up to work on higher-priority, strategic initiatives.

Major areas where we can elevate your business

Free up resources for innovation through offloading data center support. We can provide temporary data center management as you transition to the cloud, deal with IT asset management, or provide on-going management while cutting costs.

Offload scarce IT personnel and leverage flexible, a-la-carte services that fill the gaps or cover full management of hosting on-premises Windows servers to mainframes as well as hybrid cloud environments.

Take quick advantage of the agility, scalability, continuity, and cost benefits of the cloud. We can provide you with fast access to skilled migration personnel to help you move to Azure and AWS.

Maintain compliance, reduce complexity, and lower your costs through optimization of your Microsoft licenses. As a full Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we can guide you on how to achieve compliance and major cost savings.
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