Data Lake drives growth and profitability for leading retail market research firm

Case Study

“Data Lake drives growth and profitability for leading retail market research firm”


When data is your business, it necessarily becomes a large component of your cost structure. The leading U.S.-based retail market research firm was facing constantly increasing demand for data. The company’s traditional systems could not handle this growth in associated storage, processing, and analytics at a manageable cost. The company wanted accordingly to respond to its evolving data management needs by heavily reducing costs related to its big data infrastructure.


Celsior Technologies was selected to help the market research firm modernize their infrastructure in order to ncrease profit margins. The solution deployed by Celsior offloaded the data to a low-cost commodity infrastructure in this case a Cloudera Hadoop distribution.



Cloudera provides an enterprise data cloud, effectively a data lake that that is designed for analytics and machine learning. This highly scalable data storage can be managed with operating costs that are as much as 10 times lower than a traditional data warehouse.

The results for the client were huge.

  • It enabled business expansion that traditional systems were unable to adequately handle.
  • It enabled business users to create data-driven and targeted insights in a much shorter time than before.
  • The firm was able to start using the data lake for machine learning and other forms of advanced analytics.
  • The cloud-based view of its customer data gave the firm greater insights into customer experience and increased profitability

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