Global teleco provider rolls out cloud-based, mobile sales platform

Case Study

“Global telecommunications provider rolls out cloud-based, mobile sales platform”


A global networking and telecommunications company had a rentable equipment product line for their customers and partners. They wanted to enable their sales personnel to easily create and share quotations for a range of products. The existing process was manual and had a minimum turnaround time of three days.

The application needed to stay in sync with the company’s product catalog and to store quotes centrally. At the same time, however, it needed to operate in a stand-alone mode when network access was problematic. The challenges were having a mobile app with dynamic data and the sheer volume of data. Key inputs for quoting equipment and determining the price included region, product family, category, features and accessories, existing legal agreements, and service category of the end customer.


Celsior Technologies was selected to design, create, and rollout the mobile quotation management system for the sales team. This involved building a mobile application as well as the microservices middleware that integrated with the product catalog, pricing system, Auth Server, legal repository, and engagement parameter. It included planning, designing, testing, staging, and production deployment. The mobile application was developed as a native iOS mobile app and the middleware was built using Object C, .Net, and SQL Server.



The benefits to the company’s sales team were huge. In contrast to the old three-day turn-around time, the quote turn-around time is now immediate. The end customer winds up receiving the quote before the sales personnel leave the customer’s building.

The application reduces the time and error on the quotation as the quotation is built with the customer and ensures that the price, model, features, and service levels are all per expectation. The application also provides upsell and alternative options to drive additional sales and better meet customer expectations.

Furthermore, it allows the telco’s sales personnel to focus on the end customer rather than spending time on documents.

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