American telecommunications giant deploys voice enabled AWS-native app for business customers

Case Study


The leading American telecommunications conglomerate wanted specifically to improve the digital customer experience for its business customers. Celsior was brought in to create a voice experience for the company’s customers via Amazon Alexa. We developed the application using the open source Go programming language as a serverless application that was hosted natively on AWS using AWS Lambda. On the Alexa side, we used the Alexa Skills Kit to invoke the serverless application. Prior to being put into production, the application was Amazon certified.

The rollout of the Digital Voice Experience for the company’s business customers enhanced customer experience with easier self-service. The new features enabled through Alexa ranged from the simple to the complex, including:

  • Calling a phone number
  • Checking for missed phone calls
  • Setting call forwarding or “do not disturb”
  • Getting instructional help for the company’s cloud-based enterprise Unified Communications capabilities
  • Starting an audio conference without needing to remember or dial conference numbers, IDs, or PIN numbers


Overall, the deployment of Alexa support to business customers was one of a set of steps that company has been taking to improve customer experience, minimize use of annoying ACD phone trees, and provide the easy, self-service capabilities that many customers now appreciate.


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