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Transforming network deployment to speed application rollout and cut costs by 50%


A data analytics firm was helping retail stores measure traffic flows to aid them in understanding customer behavior. Complex network integration challenges while installing data collection devices in the stores slowed rollout and negatively impacted the retailers’ experience.


The zero trust Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution was embedded in the data collection devices as a cloud-based application network overlay that eliminated custom network integration.

Value Delivered

The analytics firm was able to bring customer sites online quicker. Security of sensitive corporate data was ensured from the edge to the cloud, and the solution resulted in cost savings of approximately 50% compared to legacy VPNs.

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Speed network performance and protect data with a cost-effective, Zero-Trust, programable application networking platform. This secure, simple, and flexible code-only approach eliminates VPN, firewall and WAN dependencies and can be spun up as a secure, private WAN fabric within 15 minutes!

Transform your existing or hybrid network environment with our network consulting resources. We can help you assess, design, build, and optimize your environment. Furthermore, we can accelerate and mitigate risk for large scale transformations with best practices and next generation technologies.
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