It’s all about the glue – Introducing Celsior Technologies Solution Stacks

This blog is in continuation of our last blog “Demand a services engagement model where you are in control”. It further discusses “the glue” aspect and introduces Celsior Technologies solution stacks.

In a previous blog, I suggested that organizations can truly elevate sustainable success by demanding an engagement model where you’re in control. We mentioned having our growth mindset ears to the ground, and that is also the inspiration behind this article. The glue.

When we say ‘the glue,’ we refer to the connective tissue that spans technologies and organizational silos. It is something that is exposed throughout our do-it-together engagement model.

Let’s back up and calibrate what it takes to execute an innovation strategy. First, you might start with smart people that can bring forward big and bold ideas, and backstop those with some sort of solution framework. Secondly, you need to ensure that adjacent technology implications are adequately considered. And finally, you try to develop a solid plan to deliver with confidence. With each layer of this cake, more risk is introduced to a project. Particularly if each of these functions is in its own organizational silo.

Here at Celsior Technologies, we found ourselves bridging these gaps in our own organization and stepped back to consider how we might better serve our clients with a growth and innovation mindset. Our answer? More Glue!

We coined the term “Solution Stack” to describe our approach and the web of technology solutions that take into account each of the cake layers above. The real glue is the connective tissue between institutional knowledge, industry know-how, and an intentional approach balancing simplicity with the holistic view. Think of these components as the sort of relationship where one completes the other person’s sentences.

Celsior Technologies Solution Stacks

Our solution stacks are tuned to help clients solve business problems and close IT capability gaps in four key areas. They elevate your digital business capability with speed and confidence by bringing together solution frameworks, critical expertise, industrialized delivery, and support for adjacent technologies.

Application & Cloud Innovation
Most companies are under pressure to modernize applications and accelerate their innovation time to market. External competition is driving incredible demand for IT with a growing backlog of projects. Celsior technologies’ approach helps organizations bring new digital capabilities to market – delivered through their data center or in the cloud.

Information Integration & Insights
Many organizations have data silos spread throughout their firm, while the business seeks to enable managers to make data-driven decisions backed by a common view of the truth. To achieve a common source of truth, some clients will want to aggregate their data while others will choose to leave it in place and create a golden copy (of data) through a data fabric. Either way, the desire is to get to a common source of truth that can be used to unlock business insight, enable informed business decisions and help one become a data-driven enterprise.

Platform Optimization
Business software platforms are at the heart of many companies’ operations and go through the normal lifecycle of updates and changes. Unfortunately, these updates often break custom integrations, disrupt operations, and are difficult to support. Platform optimization enables a solid process for ecosystem-based support, testing, and maintenance, and ensures upgrades and integrations are all moving from one release cycle to the next in an expected way.

Technology Operations
IT teams are pressured to keep the lights on. Apart from running IT more efficiently, they are required to deal with ongoing security threats and ensure their operation is robust and provides value to their stakeholders. This is a broad set of capabilities and might include services ranging from mainframe operations to application maintenance, and from a service desk to a network operation center. It also includes bolstering technologies that keep your business running and deliver a great user experience. All while continuously optimizing costs.

In my opinion, Celsior Solution Stacks are more about the glue than individual capabilities. In the coming weeks, our team will be sharing more about the specific solution stack capabilities and the problems they solve. As you consider your IT transformation and operations projects, please keep in mind the power of the glue.

In the meantime, let us know if you’d like to learn more about what our Solution Stacks can do for you.

About the Author
Brian Yohn
Vice President
Go-to-Market and Alliances
Celsior Technologies

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