Information Security
Our top-of-the-line security solutions mitigate cyber threats, minimize damage and equip you with the cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of malicious agents.

Ensuring security kept up with company growth


A major player in transportation services was concerned that info security was not keeping pace with their strong growth. Furthermore, with a rash of news stories highlighting compromises of Microsoft 365, they wanted recommendations for improving their security posture.


Celsior conducted an Information Security Assessment to develop security recommendations. This included a full scan to identify technical vulnerabilities and capability gaps. We also conducted Microsoft 365 log reviews of key personnel to identify subtle indicators of compromise.

Value Delivered

Immediate recommendations were made and a customized roadmap developed based on the company’s 3-5 year growth plans to ensure Info Security was “baked in”, rather than “bolted on”. Based on Celsior’s strong delivery, the company later contracted with us for a part-time virtual CISO.

Major areas where we can elevate your business

Overcome security staffing gaps and high costs with Subject Matter Advisors and virtual CISOs--even if you can't afford full-time people. At the same time, Celsior can also help you overcome alert overload with our fully managed, AI-based log collection and security analytics services.

Move from old perimeter-based security to a low latency, lower cost, and more secure SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) environment. We can help you secure the new world of public clouds and mobile devices using a Zero Trust model with digital identity at its foundation.

Proactively protect your company from vulnerabilities including advanced persistent threats, internal threats, botnets, precision malware, and social engineering that targets employees. Using a seven-step process, we partner with you to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your key systems and data.

Protect your company’s reputation and achieve compliance through our three-pronged, proactive approach: (1) identify and secure your most valuable assets, (2) continuously monitor, and (3) respond in a structured, fast way to any breaches. We assist organizations in achieving privacy risk governance, including GDPR, CCPA, etc.

Be prepared to handle security incidents when they happen. Our incident response experts are always ready and on-call to help you plan and manage global incident response. We can provide expert help with response execution, forensic analysis, and response plan development.
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