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We all understand the huge positive impact of customer experience (CX) on customer retention, brand loyalty, cross-selling, and upselling. At the same time, the negative side of CX is sobering. According to PWC, even if people love your company or product, 59% will walk away after several bad experiences, and 17% will walk away after just one bad experience. In the past, many of your consumers prioritized price points and product features over quality of service. Data shows that CX is now set to overtake price as the key brand differentiator. So how can organizations continue to improve the customer experience they are delivering and pull ahead of the competition? Key areas in which we repeatedly see companies investing are omni-channel contact centers, cloud-based contact centers, and integrated application

Multi-Channel vs. Omni-Channel Customer Support
Today’s customer interactions are more complex than ever. Consumers expect customer support in any channel they choose: voice, email, text, chat, virtual agent (AI), social media, video, and more. This is highly important as 96% of customers expect their issues to be resolved quickly on the channel of their choice.

But it’s not just choice of channel that customers expect—it’s consistent, seamless communications across channels. This is the difference between multi-channel and omnichannel customer support. Multi-channel support may support some or all popular channels, but it does not maintain context or history between those customer interactions. This drives customers crazy! In fact, 41% of customers have stopped using a product or service after having to repeat themselves over and over or after being passed from rep to rep. In contrast, an omni-channel contact center solution has a strategy behind each touchpoint and provides a consistent customer experience across all channels.

An omni-channel engagement strategy:

• Gives your customers the power to choose how and when they want to respond
• Improves agent productivity by giving your people access to a single-pane-of-glass that keeps all their contact strategies in one easy-to-use location
• Simplifies performance management, helping you monitor how well agents are connecting with customers and collecting useful data for training new staff
• Improves strategic planning by making it easier to collect and analyze customer information

Cloud-based Contact Center

Cloud provides many tangible benefits to contact centers:

• The market is declining for on-premises contact centers. With 61% of companies already partially or fully transitioned to the cloud, market focus and innovation has moved to cloud based solutions.
• Cloud-based solutions allow for continuous improvements by making new features immediately available.
• Cloud-based solutions have unlimited scalability, allowing companies to easily and economically add users as they grow

Integrated communications and applications platform
Seamless, integrated experiences for contact center agents are important to both the agents and the customers they serve. Data shows that 71% of agents have to leave their customer communications app to use a separate app in order to communicate with co-workers. Toggling between various applications can cause significant delays for the customers they are serving and may result in dropped calls. This is hardly a minor issue as 52% of CXO and senior-level employees agree that contact center employees would stay on their jobs longer if they had a seamless communications and collaboration platform

Omni-Channel Contact Center Solutions from Celsior Technologies

Celsior offers two primary contact center solutions:

Omni-Channel Contact Center for Microsoft Teams – This cloud-based solution is the first Microsoft-certified omni-channel contact center built natively for Microsoft Teams. It’s particularly appropriate for companies committed to a Microsoft ecosystem who want to leverage their Microsoft Teams investment and add to it enhanced IVR/ACD functionality and omni-channel touch points.

CCaaS powered by Ring Central – This cloud-based, omni-channel solution is highly popular and deployed at over 400,000 businesses.

In addition, Celsior provides a variety of wrap-around and supporting services that can apply to both solutions:

Professional Services for Microsoft Teams – Application development and maintenance based on customizing and extending Microsoft Teams; also user adoption campaigns and change management

Contact Center Staffing – Fast access to contact center agents through our talent sourcing engine

Network & Security Optimization – Whether your business operations are remote, hybrid or 100 percent on-site, staying protected and network optimized during the ransomware pandemic is complicated. At Celsior we can help customers in their Network and Security
modernization journey. Whether its simple consulting, advisory services, or actual transformational projects, we have services and solutions for all.

Why Celsior Technologies for Enhancing CX

• Celsior is a preferred partner of Anwhere365, has a dedicated Microsoft 365 and Teams practice, is a Microsoft Solutions Partner, and is a 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist
• Celsior offers cradle-to-grave professional/managed services and solutions that can support customers in their omni-channel transformation journey
• Celsior is flexible and easy to do business with
• Celsior has strong partner support from Ring Central.

Case Study

One of the world’s leading vendor finance companies had many different communications and collaboration products, but together they didn’t make a consolidated whole. The company needed to bring everything together under one umbrella.

They had already been working on moving the organization to Microsoft 365, but then turned to implementing an integrated cloud-based telephony system using Teams that would give the company’s contact-center workforce access to remote working possibilities with strong security and scalability.

By consolidating their IT infrastructure into Microsoft 365, the company would be able to improve the user experience by providing access to all the tools their employees needed from one application. Using one hub for teamwork and customer experience instead of multiple solutions would also make agents more productive. The company launched cloud-based Anywhere365 right before the pandemic hit, and initial feedback from users highlighted how much insight sales-reps and customer service operators now had into their calls, e.g., through Power BI dashboards.

With the new solution, supervisors could oversee their groups virtually. Although agents were now remote, supervisors could still see how many agents were available or how many were logged in. They could even whisper to an agent, listen to a call, or train rookies. With Anywhere365 and Microsoft Teams the company now has the business continuity they had wanted and the foundation in place to embrace and leverage new technologies as they become available.

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