End User Support
Developing customized, co-managed, and scalable solutions that address productivity and security concerns within the new hybrid workplace model.

Ramping up a service desk for a million students!


The global pandemic forced transition of in-class to remote instruction in one of the largest U.S. public-school systems. The department of education needed a service desk solution FAST to meet the aggressive timetable for providing students and parents with iPad and software support.


Celsior rapidly onboarded and trained new service desk agents and supervisors to provide multi-lingual support.

Value Delivered

Celsior brought up the new service desk for a million students with over 300,000 new devices in 1-to-2 months. At the end of deployment, we achieved 98.6% customer satisfaction.

Major areas where we can elevate your business

Enable employee productivity and cut costs through our next generation service desk. A combination of omni-channel, AI-based natural language processing, and other steps can reduce costs up to 80 percent--and improve user experience!

Take advantage of Celsior's quickly available, tech-savy field support engineers. Or deploy new options like an IT guru bar that both improve employee experience and cut costs!

Move from the old perimeter-based security to a Zero Trust environment where every user must prove their identity and establish access rights regardless of location or device. With Zero Trust, you can better support a hybrid workplace, improve security, and cut costs.

Manage your phones, laptops, or tablets with one user experience and one admin experience. We take care of configuration, apps, patch management, and compliance of your user devices--all managed from the cloud.


Elevate your overall success